Litter Pickers

Horsell is very fortunate to have so many green spaces and grass verges around the village and it is a shame to see this spoiled by so much litter around. So on the third Saturday of every month, the Second Thursday Club have organised a regular litter pick. All equipment is provided. If you would like to join this activity or suggest an area that needs attention, please contact Robin Hoyle (robin_hoyle@hotmail.com)

St Mary's Churchyard

"Adopt a grave" was an initiative of Second Thursday Club when the much-loved churchyard at St Mary's Church was getting overgrown during the transition when maintenance responsibility transferred from the Church to Woking Borough Council. The heavy work is now performed by Serco on behalf of WBC, but volunteer effort is still needed to attend to the finer details. Many people have adopted a grave and worked on them in their own time. This extra care has made a huge difference to the appearance of the churchyard and is much appreciated by visitors. It is a very peaceful environment in which to work at one’s own pace.

For further information email Caroline (carolinehughes523@gmail.com)


In 2012, a group of volunteers, christened the "Woodlanders" started to restore a derelict, neglected area of woodland on the hill behind the Village Hall. That same woodland now has a path winding through it, with woodland flowers in spring and a greater variety of shrubby trees.

It is a haven of peace, where blackbirds and robins can be heard. It is hard to believe that it was once impenetrable with brambles and holly and rotting heaps of rubbish.

The Woodlanders look after this space now called "Pares Woodland Garden" (after Canon Pares who once owned this land), by keeping the brambles and nettles at bay, keeping the paths in good order with annual top-ups of wood chippings and clearing of litter, and generally keeping it as an attractive and safe area to visit.

In recent years,the Woodlanders have extended their reach by helping to maintain St Mary’s churchyard, where they have transformed the old bonfire site and rubbish heap into lovely wild flower beds. They have also helped with the care of the borders around the Village Hall site.

For further information email Caroline (carolinehughes523@gmail.com)

You can download a leaflet about the history of this woodland here.

Pathways of Horsell

The Footpaths Group is an HRA sub-committee which was set up in the 1990s to oversee the maintenance of Horsell's public footpaths and signposts. The work of the Footpaths Group is largely funded by sales of "The Pathways Of Horsell - A Pocket Guide", ( a booklet published by HRA in 1999 that contains a fold-out illustrated map), but is also funded directly by HRA on occasion when specific needs require.

A recent initiative of the Footpaths Group has been to improve the condition of a number of key Horsell footpaths in conjunction with Woking Borough Council. A working party of local volunteers has made the path near Broomhall Common safer by cutting back holly and near the path to remove hiding places.

For further information email Anthony (mintec@onetel.com

Horsell Prepared exists to build and maintain the resilience of Horsell. We are part of Horsell Resident's Association, and are a volunteer-run organisation. Our aim is to make sure Horsell is as prepared to cope as well as possible with emergency and crisis situations that may affect our village at a community level.

We aim to be active in situations from flooding or heavy snow or power cuts, to pandemics, missing children, and supply issues. How do we do it? We have a long list of volunteers who might be called upon (with no commitment required). And we have co-ordinators who train to take charge of our response efforts, if needed. We develop, and practice methods and processes to respond effectively and we collaborate with other groups where possible.

For more information or to become involved go to Horsell Prepared