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How to Join

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Have you considered joining Horsell Residents Association?
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The benefits include:

Up to date information about local issues
Advice and assistance with any individual local concerns
Helping to shape the independent organisation that represents your interests
Having a shared voice in the community
Opportunities to meet other residents in the locality
Your subscription helping to fund annual community projects.

The HRA aims to ensure that the characteristic features and amenities of Horsell are not forgotten in the wider interests of Woking. It exists to protect and improve the character of life here and needs to be strong to respond quickly to developments as they arise. One thing is certain: alone, you may not be able to protect your environment and preserve the amenities you now enjoy - so why not join the Association?

Membership is open to anyone aged 18 or over who resides in the Horsell area. If you have an interest in the community environment and want the Residents' Association to continue in the work it does on your behalf, then contact the HRA - support is vital and new members are always welcome!

Membership Fees

Annual household membership:

£   5.00 pa by standing order

New annual households joining after the 1st September in any year are entitled to membership for the remainder of that year and the whole of the succeeding year.

Life household membership:

£ 50.00

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How to get involved

Horsell Residents Association initiates new projects in the community through the Second Thursday Club. The Club was founded in August 2012 to build on the spirit of goodwill and cooperation created during the very successful Horsell Jubilation festivities.

The purpose of the Club is to operate as a forum and action group through which events and activities to benefit Horsell can be brought forward, and through which volunteers can be recruited to work on them.

In addition the Club aims to create an environment in which people belonging to different interest groups, clubs, community bodies - and to none of these - can share their interests or concerns, and can coordinate and cooperate for mutual benefit.

Through our activities we will establish channels of communication between residents and traders and commercial interests in the village and local area.

Meetings are held on the Second Thursday of every month at a venue in Horsell where new ideas are discussed and brought forward and on-going projects are monitored. Anyone who lives or works in the village is invited to come along and join in the discussions. The meetings are informal and helped along by a glass of wine. We already have several active projects underway or completed and some interesting ideas in the pipeline - see Making a Difference

You can join the HRA Second Thursday Club mailing list at Second Thursday Club interests me or keep up to date with all Horsell events and volunteering opportunities at Horsell interests me.