About (Continued)

Horsell Residents Association (HRA) also has a representative seat on the committee of Horsell Common Preservation Society.

The HRA may also takes up petitions to local government on behalf of residents.

The work of the HRA is undertaken by volunteers who contribute their valuable experience, skills and expertise to a wide variety of community activities. If you would also like to help the Horsell community and can spare any time or resources, then do contact the Association, who will pleased to hear from you. Your assistance will always be welcome, whether you want to help on an ad hoc basis or as a potential Committee Member. Many opportunities to help arise which do not need a long term commitment - people lend their expertise to a project committee for a limited period and then the committee is disbanded when the task is complete.

Historically, HRA has launched many important ventures which have provided lasting benefits to Horsell:

The Horsell 2000 Project spawned Horsell Care, now an independent organisation, and managed the purchase of the Village Hall (previously known as the Parish Hall) and the setting up of a charitable trust to look after the Village Hall. HRA remains a trustee.
Between 1994 and 2001 Horsell Sports Ground was saved from a threat of redevelopment. HRA set up the Horsell Sports Ground Association to protect the ground for the future and remains a trustee.
The Footpaths Group was set up to protect the many historic footpaths of Horsell.